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22 nd January - Arrival and Welcome
All the chapter participants arrived to participate in the 8 th Provincial Chapter. We left from our Provincial house along with Sr. Pilar Casas our Superior General to reach Atmadarshan, Mumbai the venue of the Chapter. Journeying together with enthusiasm, hope and cheer, we arrived at Atmadarshan. Everyone was in a harmonious mood with joy of meeting one another. After some chat with one another, preparations for the next day, hearty dinner and enjoying each other’s presence all retired for the day. The spirit of unity and love expressed was felt through warm embrace and greetings, prayers and best wishes received from the sisters in the communities and sisters from other Provinces.


The auspicious day is born to rejoice in the spirit the Lord to hold the important event in the province. The Chapter theme “Vibrant communities that walk in Hope, Open to the Spirit, conscious of realities and embracing it as it is, taking care of life, joyful in the mission” has open the door of possibilities for the Province of Mumbai to live the Spirit of Micaela and feel her energy within us.
We began the day with exposing the Blessed Sacrament; performed traditional Aarthi to invoke the blessings of God Almighty. With a Bhajan, we entered into the presence of God. Provincial team through their meaningful prayer helped us to embrace warmth of Divine God.
Fr. Ittoop Panikulam (SVD) the Chapter facilitator with his recollection talk led us to renew our inner being with refreshing relationship with community members and having right direction for the success of the Mission.Eucharistic celebration is the place to meet Jesus personally. We began with the procession having lighted candles in our hands; placing before the picture of Micaela as a symbol of God’s radiating presence and blessing of Micaela upon each one of us as we bowed before her as our loving Mother.
In the afternoon, Sr. Lissiamma Thuruthikara, the provincial superior welcomed our Superior General Sr. Pilar Casas and the chapter members. Superior General Sr. Pilar Casas, addressed the participants and highlighted the points of attitude to be awaken, listening, conversation, discernment and creative communion in the spirit synodality. Invoking the blessings of St. Maria Micaela our Foundress and Mary our Mother she declared the VIII Provincial chapter open.

The XXXI General Chapter of Sisters, Adorers Handmaids of the Blessed Sacrament and of Charity, will be held from 18th September to 13th October 2023
The General Chapter which is celebrated every six years will be held in Guadalajara, Spain. The Chapter theme is “Vibrant communities walking in hope, open to the Spirit, conscious of the realities and accept them as it is, care for life, bring joy to the Mission. The functions of the Chapter are to Promote Fidelity to the Spiritual patrimony, Revision of the Directory, Presentation of the General Plan, Evaluate the life of the Congregation and economic management, Make decisions of a general nature and elect the Superior General and the General Consultors. Spirit of Discernment, guide us throughout this Chapter year.

Provincial Conference from 19th to 22nd June 2023
The Provincial Conference will be held from 19th to 22nd of June 2023 in Provincial house, Marol Mumbai. The Provincial Conference is held prior to the General Chapter. It is the stage of synthesis, of reading the works and making contributions.

Final commitment
Sr. Sarojini Dungdung and Sr. Jain de Stamla Sahaya Stephen will make their perpetual vows in on 28th of August 2023. His Eminence Felipe Neri Cardinal Ferrao will preside over the Eucharistic celebration which will be held in the Chapel of Sisters Adorers, Belloy Nuvem Goa. Sr. Lissiamma Thuruthikara will accept the vows on behalf of the Superior General.



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